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Rip Club Sewing, Loveland, Colorado

Mar '15

Comparing prices in the area for custom couture

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Posted by - Bonnie @ 9:16

Here is a website from a local sewing studio with their custom pricing.
It often shocks me how low my prices have been compared to others. Even after raising my prices for this year they’re still way too low. Yet, I have customers asking my prices not even thinking about comparing it to minimum wages. While customers who are familiar with tailor’s fees and have had alterations done before never complain at all about my prices, and are usually ready to pay up front with cash in hand. I had the sewing club and not enough people joined. It was so cheap and available to you. When all our free teachers, grandmothers, are gone and I become a grandmother (hopefully some day) maybe I’ll consider teaching classes again. I’ve decided to focus on custom design. This is what I’m highly skilled and talented at, and it’s a rare gift. Rip Club’s sewing lounge is gone. It was a good thing, and people even called it therapy, but just not enough interest. I’m enjoying my little studio with the zen-like courtyard.

Nov '14

Rip Club Sewing and Tailor Shop is Relocating

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Posted by - Bonnie @ 18:09

After two and a half years in our current shop at 333 Cleveland Avenue in downtown Loveland, Colorado, Rip Club Sewing and Tailor Shop is being forced to move temporarily to 441 East 4th Street, Suite 104, still in downtown Loveland, Colorado. We look forward to working in our cozy little office overlooking our serene courtyard in the Sun Plaza Office Suite. We’re not sure what hours we will be available, so you can call us at (970) 222-7703 to arrange an appointment for alterations and private lessons. Rip Club Sewing and Tailor Shop will provide the same services by appointment. Walk-ins will be accepted when we are in the office.

To anyone we are servicing at this time, we will continue our diligent efforts to complete your orders and get them to you before we start moving.

Rip Club Sewing and Tailor Shop will be closed from November 21st (11-21-14) and opening at our new location on December 15th (12-15-14), so that we can populate our new space as soon as possible to continue giving Loveland our superb tailoring and alteration services. We ask that you please call to arrange to pick-up or have delivered any garments that you have left on our racks at this time.

We’re hoping that the Old Arcadia Hotel, also known as the Old Loveland Opera House, will be restored to its former glory and that we may still be moving back to the building when all construction is completed. We will miss our sewing lounge, but plan to offer it again in the future.

In the meantime, any civic, charitable, or religious organizations that are interested in sewing, tools, and supplies to call Bonnie directly.

Oct '14

Do your research before developing a fashion design.

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Posted by - Bonnie @ 17:50

Check out Jessica Montoya’s blog on why it may be hard for you to find a patternmaker.

Jun '14

Bridal and Upcycled, Mixed Demin Photo Shoot at Cheesman Park, Denver, Colorado

Filed Under: Fashion, Jeans, Recycled Upcycled Sustainable Green Fashion
Posted by - Bonnie @ 17:21

Check out the funky bridal and upcycled mixed denim Rip Club has for sale this year. We did this photo shoot in April at Cheesman park in Denver, Colorado. It was windy and the poor models were cold. They were very happy to get out of the bridal garments and into the long denim skirts and denim corset tops to warm up. The sunset was beautiful. Thanks to James Eversole, Frank, Chris and Sean for the images and to Brittany, Meagan, Katerina, and Ariel for the modeling. Of course this is all Rip Club’s clothing on display.Cheesman Park 031 Franks Cheesman Park 063_1 Franks Cheesman Park 067 Franks Cheesman Park 083 Franks Cheesman Park 065 Franks Cheesman Park 097 Franks Cheesman Park 107 Franks Cheesman Park 122_pp Franks Cheesman Park Model Fashion Shoot-148-2 Cheesman Park Model Fashion Shoot-184 Sean mixed denim Brit Cheesman Park Model Fashion Shoot-202 (1)CHES_11 copy CHES_10 copy CHES_09 copy CHES_08 copy CHES_07 copy CHES_06 copyCheesman Park Model Fashion Shoot-219 Cheesman Park Model Fashion Shoot-2

May '14

What to do this Summer? Boys and girls get creative making at Rip Club.

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Posted by - Bonnie @ 12:04

Rip Club has its own Sewing Club where kids, teens, (boys & girls) and adults can learn to sew in a fun environment. In the classes there is a ton of individual attention. The classes are self-paced and low pressure and very creative. The lounge is a place where you can hang out with your friends and make your own projects. Listen to great music and get creative and share ideas.

Are you interested in Steampunk, Cosplay or even the Renaissance Faire? Maybe you are interested in Fairies or Mermaids. We can help. Have a project you started and do not know how to finish it? We can help!

The lounge is fully equipped for all your sewing needs. Our lounge combines camaraderie of sewing and a working studio to provide a sewing haven for enthusiasts of all levels.

Wondering what to do this Summer? Come join Rip Club, Sewing Lounge and Tailor, right here in Downtown Loveland, and get creative sewing and making. All tools are provided.

Follow your Fashion

Follow your Fashion


punk yer duds

Claire in punk rock top and pants.


Ned says, “Fix Your Pants!”


Feb '14

New Cutie Patootie Scarves by Foggy Mtn. Creations!

Filed Under: Fashion
Posted by - Bonnie @ 20:29
Vals crochet work

Beautiful gauged crochet work by Foggy Mountain Creations for sale at Rip Club.

100_3489 Hello all you awesome RIP Club followers! We are excited to announce that Valerie of Foggy Mountain Creations has crafted for us some new and beautiful scarves! Her other creations can be seen in the picture to the left. Valerie is pictured along with the new scarves here. As you can see, we have plenty of colors to choose from, so you’re bound to find one you’ll enjoy.

These “Cutie Patootie Ruffle Scarves” are very versatile. You can certainly wear them along with your winter garb, but they are also light enough that you can still rock them in the cooler months.  Each one contains such a wide range of colors that make them a perfect accent for many outfits.

These scarves are reminiscent of boas and are super cute

These scarves are reminiscent of boas and are super cute

Cutie Patootie Scarves for sale at Rip Club

Cutie Patootie Scarves for sale at Rip Club

We originally listed these ruffle scarves at $34.99, but have decided to offer them at the discounted price of $29.99.  Come on in to RIP Club at 333 North Cleveland Avenue in Loveland, Colorado to pick out your favorite (or a few).

Dec '13

Suit trends

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Posted by - Bonnie @ 16:58

One of my frequent haunters is wanting a suit made up in March. He’s trying to find his style. So I told him last night I though he was a trend setter. Sure enough I found this blog this morning.
I’m looking forward to making him custom tailored bespoke suits.

Oct '13

Thanksgiving Student Fun!

Filed Under: Events, Fashion
Posted by - Bonnie @ 12:16

Thanksgiving Break not giving you the amount of fun you hoped? Come on down to The Rip Club and celebrate the coming of winter with our special Thanksgiving Student Fun series!

Starting on the 29th and going until the 30th, we’re hosting a set of classes for everyone to enjoy! Come on in and learn how to make beanies, headbands, and scarves to give to someone for a heartfelt Holiday or to use yourself in the coming winter months! Each day is $30 to join in the classes [that’s $10 per class!] OR you can bring in your Student ID and get a discounted price of $15, a whole half-off!

Each day, the classes are:

  • Beanies at 2pm to 4pm
  • Headbands at 4pm to 6 pm
  • Scarves at 6pm to 8pm

All materials and equipment is provided to help you feel fashionable for the creeping cold! Make sure to RSVP at (970) 222-7703 or walk in at 333 Cleveland Avenue in Loveland, CO to sign up!

We hope to hear from you soon!

Sep '13

T-Shirt Recycling Lab

Filed Under: Recycled Upcycled Sustainable Green Fashion
Posted by - Bonnie @ 18:29

USA T-Shirt Recycling


Have an old t-shirt you bought years ago and loved to near death? Can’t bear to get rid of your favorite nostalgia pieces from way back when? Favorite shirt’s stain causing you pain?

Have no fear, we can help you save it!

The Rip Club Sewing Lounge is hosting a T-Shirt Recycling lab. Bring in your old shirts and let us show you find new life in old threads! Bonnie will teach you how to polish up your golden oldies so they shine like you just bought them off the rack, all the while helping you find and establish your very own style!

Entrance fee is $30 for the entire class. Equipment is provided, as are old t-shirts to chop up. Call The Rip Club at (970) 222-7703 to sign up now!

Aug '13

Check out our decorations for “Tour De Corn”

Filed Under: Events
Posted by - Bonnie @ 19:05

Thank you to “Art2Ya”  for painting “Ned” on our “bad boy” window (where I sew on “bad boy” for all of our biker customers. Here’s her website: And thanks to Mai, Forest and Katie for helping me to make the corn maiden and set up Ned on a bike in our main window! Come see us during the Loveland Corn Roast Festival, “Tour De Corn” and check out the scavanger hunt here:

Corn Roast Fest Decoration

Corn Maiden from the Rip Club window for Tour De Corn 2013

~ Rip Club Sewing is located at 441 E. 4th St., Loveland, Colorado  80537. CLICK HERE for directions! ~

RIP CLUB SEWING : (970) 222-7703

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