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Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

How to Sew a Crotch Gusset in Jeans With Excellent Results

When searching the subject of, “How to Sew a Crotch Gusset in Jeans”, I found several results. There are blogs and videos of how to sew a gusset in pants, but many have problems with their results. The most common problem for denim jeans, cargo pants, and other heavy materials, appears to be bunching, (or “wadding”, mentioned and pictured here: ) I did a failed gusset without finishing for the purpose of this blog. You can see the two bad gusset pictures in the gallery.

Ah, so this is why apprenticeship, with all of it’s toil and torture, is necessary. But I have some hope for you. I taught sewing and tailoring tricks, that took me years to learn and master, when I had the Rip Club sewing club. (Also known as Rip Club Sewing Lounge and Tailor.)

So after you’ve tried a diamond gusset, and it looked like old lodge skins, you may have thrown up your hands and given up. Maybe you lived with it or chucked the jeans in the trash can. Maybe you are more experienced, and tried cutting a separate gusset for each inside leg. But, after you’ve pinned it in, painstakingly checking it for fit, sewing it in, ripping it out several times, you still couldn’t get good looking results.
Maybe your grandmother just said “let me just do this one for you”, when she was passing down her masterful seamstress art to you. Maybe you went to design school, or are a professional seamstress in a factory, or a home seamstress who had success with diamond gussets in kids clothing. Or maybe the diamond gusset worked great in those wool dress pants, but jeans “just can’t be done right”! YES THEY CAN! Lookie here….

Get about a half yard of denim, or use recycled jeans, but cut the gusset(s) on the BIAS. The other secret was mentioned above. Cut the gussets in two pieces. This way it won’t come out “too long”. You can always sew the crotch curve after the leg “v’s”. Make sure you sew to the original stitch line and stop that needle “on the money”. Walk it if necessary. It must be exact or there can be puckering from the point of the triangle.

I sure hope you master this skill of how to sew a crotch gusset in jeans. The ill fitting, ready made, fast fashion is fixable. Anything is possible, but not many have the skill anymore. Let me know you like by following my blog and subscribing to my you tube, or like me on facebook. Thank you and, like Ned the Beatnik Alien (our mascot) says, “Come on down to Rip Club and Fix Your Pants!”

Capsule Wardrobe Closet Reduction List

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

As of late I’ve had several requests for wardrobe consulting. It’s becoming very popular again to reduce the pieces in your closet to a capsule wardrobe. This really has always been called a wardrobe because all of the pieces go together and can be mixed and matched with little to no thought. All the pieces should be well fitted and some loose lines and some tailored lines. Classic pieces are preferred and all of them should be your favorites. Take all of the clothes out of your closet and keep no more than 20 outerwear pieces, 5 accessories, 5 shoes and 25 underwear pieces to simplify your life and make you feel fabulous in your own skin every day. Here’s the list:
20 key piece wardrobe:
1. Dress pants (slacks or trousers)
2. Jeans
3. Sweat pants (or workout pants, yoga pants, stretch pants)
4. Casual Jacket (windbreaker, wrap, or button down sweater)
5. Hoodie
6. Dress shirt (tailored)
7. Casual shirt (flannel or something fun)
8. Blouse (a less structured shirt that can cross over from work, casual or nightlife)
9. Vest (if you wear them) (conservative or print occasion)
10. Sweater (we all love our cozy sweaters, just choose your favorite)
11. Long sleeved T-shirt (or thermal)
12. T-shirt
13. Camisole
14. Tank top
15. Shorts
16. Dress (If you don’t normally wear dresses make it a formal or occasion one)
17. Dress skirt (make it a pencil or A line suit style.
18. Casual skirt (mini or full length or a fun print or peasant)
19. Blazer (should go with trousers and formal skirt..everything goes with jeans)
20. Overcoat

Pick your favorite cuts and styles. If they can’t all be worn together you’ll end up buying more clothes.So pick your favorites, chuck the rest, then slowly replace pieces that can’t be worn together until you can mix and match all pieces. Don’t be afraid to put two prints together and choose your favorite color and two neutrals. Base it on solid pieces.

5 Piece Top Accessories:
1. Purse (everyday style)
2. Clutch (small purse meant as an accent piece when going out..think of it as jewelry)
3. Tote Bag (or duffel, backpack, something for shopping and/or hauling)
4. Belt (with all the spandex and kids these days everybody needs one)
5. Scarf

The only 5 shoes you’ll ever need:
1. Boots
2. Gym/Tennis/running/ workout shoes
3. Daily wear shoes
4. Sandals
5. Pumps (they can be flats or mules, but every woman needs dress shoes)

25 Lingerie set
1. 5 bras (Never wear the same one two days in a row so the elastic can “bounce back”)
2. 10 panties
3. 7 pair socks
4. 1 pair tights/hose (leggings can be substituted for some)
5. Nightie or pajamas (yes you can add a robe)
6. Bathing suit (yes you can add A (1!) coverup)

Bridal and Upcycled, Mixed Demin Photo Shoot at Cheesman Park, Denver, Colorado

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Check out the funky bridal and upcycled mixed denim Rip Club has for sale this year. We did this photo shoot in April at Cheesman park in Denver, Colorado. It was windy and the poor models were cold. They were very happy to get out of the bridal garments and into the long denim skirts and denim corset tops to warm up. The sunset was beautiful. Thanks to James Eversole, Frank, Chris and Sean for the images and to Brittany, Meagan, Katerina, and Ariel for the modeling. Of course this is all Rip Club’s clothing on display.Cheesman Park 031 Franks Cheesman Park 063_1 Franks Cheesman Park 067 Franks Cheesman Park 083 Franks Cheesman Park 065 Franks Cheesman Park 097 Franks Cheesman Park 107 Franks Cheesman Park 122_pp Franks Cheesman Park Model Fashion Shoot-148-2 Cheesman Park Model Fashion Shoot-184 Sean mixed denim Brit Cheesman Park Model Fashion Shoot-202 (1)CHES_11 copy CHES_10 copy CHES_09 copy CHES_08 copy CHES_07 copy CHES_06 copyCheesman Park Model Fashion Shoot-219 Cheesman Park Model Fashion Shoot-2

New Cutie Patootie Scarves by Foggy Mtn. Creations!

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
Vals crochet work

Beautiful gauged crochet work by Foggy Mountain Creations for sale at Rip Club.

100_3489 Hello all you awesome RIP Club followers! We are excited to announce that Valerie of Foggy Mountain Creations has crafted for us some new and beautiful scarves! Her other creations can be seen in the picture to the left. Valerie is pictured along with the new scarves here. As you can see, we have plenty of colors to choose from, so you’re bound to find one you’ll enjoy.

These “Cutie Patootie Ruffle Scarves” are very versatile. You can certainly wear them along with your winter garb, but they are also light enough that you can still rock them in the cooler months.  Each one contains such a wide range of colors that make them a perfect accent for many outfits.

These scarves are reminiscent of boas and are super cute

These scarves are reminiscent of boas and are super cute

Cutie Patootie Scarves for sale at Rip Club

Cutie Patootie Scarves for sale at Rip Club

We originally listed these ruffle scarves at $34.99, but have decided to offer them at the discounted price of $29.99.  Come on in to RIP Club at 333 North Cleveland Avenue in Loveland, Colorado to pick out your favorite (or a few).

Thanksgiving Student Fun!

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Thanksgiving Break not giving you the amount of fun you hoped? Come on down to The Rip Club and celebrate the coming of winter with our special Thanksgiving Student Fun series!

Starting on the 29th and going until the 30th, we’re hosting a set of classes for everyone to enjoy! Come on in and learn how to make beanies, headbands, and scarves to give to someone for a heartfelt Holiday or to use yourself in the coming winter months! Each day is $30 to join in the classes [that’s $10 per class!] OR you can bring in your Student ID and get a discounted price of $15, a whole half-off!

Each day, the classes are:

  • Beanies at 2pm to 4pm
  • Headbands at 4pm to 6 pm
  • Scarves at 6pm to 8pm

All materials and equipment is provided to help you feel fashionable for the creeping cold! Make sure to RSVP at (970) 222-7703 or walk in at 333 Cleveland Avenue in Loveland, CO to sign up!

We hope to hear from you soon!

Post Apocolyptic Fashion Show Tonight

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Check us out for the final night of NoCo Fashion Week! The theme is “Animal InstinX”. Rip Club will be showing some of our current wild leather and fabric creations. Get tickets at the door for $15 mentioning “Rip It”. Here’s the Facebook:!/groups/214234218683031/ and here’s the article they did on us:

And here is the NoCo Fashion Week website: We will be posting a bunch of pictures from this event soon.

Fashion Show this Saturday

Monday, February 20th, 2012
Fear Modeling Fashion Show Flyer

Come to the Fashion Show at Suede Feb. 25, 2012

Jeans are a staple clothing item

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Jeans Patches can be hidden or decorative.

Jeans are a staple clothing item for most Americans. Now I can say that from my own observation and don’t feel the need to quote any statistic, as it’s quite obvious to us. Favorite jeans designs and cuts will change and your favorite pair could be no longer produced. When you’ve worn your jeans and “broken them in” they take on a specific shape that has been sculpted and molded to your body. This custom jeans molding can take months or years, depending on how hard you wear your jeans. The reason for the love of our jeans is not only the comfort of a well worn pair, but the custom fit we obtain over time. Both of these reasons are a great motivation for patching your jeans when they are wearing out. We at Rip Club can teach you how to patch up your jeans. You can either make the patch blend in and not noticeable, or get creative with decorative patching. Rip Club can do it for you or we can walk you through it at the club. We have all the materials you will need to patch up your jeans and save your favorites!

Colorado Color Combination and Coats

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Just wanted to comment on how beautiful the fall colors are here in Colorado.  Indian Summer has been lovely in Loveland, Colorado. The vibrant color combinations remind me of our fantastic fall coats that we are making in the RIP CLUB. Check out our new retail items which include these recycled sweater coats, Party Pocket Purses, Beaded Jewelry and cool weather comfy hats. If you love Colorado Color Combinations come on in and create coats with us.

~ Rip Club Sewing is located at 1525 East 8th St., Loveland, Colorado  80537. CLICK HERE for directions! ~

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